Are Values More Important Than Personality Essay

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Values are more important than personality in effecting individual behaviour in the workplace
According to Lusk, E. J., & Oliver, B. L. (1974) values are more important to them rather than personality because values refers to stable life goals which people have which reflects to them as we know that we are living in 21st century and values are more important to people have a tendency to affect the types of decisions they make how they observe their environment and their authenticenvironment’s, most of the people in workplace loves to accept the types of jobs where the company possesses the value people upkeep about Judge, T. A., &Bretz, R. D. (1992).so, we can see in many workplace that employee loves to stay and gives continuity to their
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From higher level to lower all must have equal right and responsibilities? Personalitybehaviour’s and values are two scopes on which people are mostly differ. Values are constant life goals when looking for jobs, employees are more prospective to admit a job that provides chances for value achievement, and they are more likely to endure in situations that satisfy their value whereas Personality contains the constantfeelings, thoughts, and behaviouraloutlines people have and the Big Five behaviourqualities (honesty, thoroughness, extraversion, friendliness, and neuroticism) are important qualities that seem to be steady and can be generalized to other cultures.likewish dissimilar culture has different values so it is not same for all and importantqualities for work behaviourscontains self-efficacy, confidence, social perceiving, proactive personality, positive and negative affectivity, and locus of control as I have previously mentioned about this in previous passage so workers must not be always depend on other co-workers they have to me self-motivated as they have been provided by their own rules and responsibilities in workplace. So it is significant to recollect that a person’s behaviour depends on the match between the person and the situation so whatever situation is worker must have ability to handle any difficult situation and go with flow with confident while personality is a strong influence on job attitudes, its relation to job performance is weaker. Some companies use personality testing to screen out candidates which is good for the benefits of the company this prevents to avoid bad personality to be the part of the workplace this method has certain

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