Are Vaccines Save Our Lives? Essay examples

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"vaccines save lives; fear endangers them. It 's a simple message parents need to keep hearing" (Kluger). It is important to take vaccines because it can save your life and prevent diseases. However others may argue that they are not very safe. Some say that they don 't even help, they say that if you eat healthy you will be good, that vaccines and healthy eating came around at the same time. Therefore they say that healthy eating is the key to a good life.

To achieve a good research paper I found 2 articles opposing vaccines and 3 articles for it, I have organized my paper into two sections. In the first sections I will incorporate two articles I found talking about why it is good to have vaccines, I will provide what it does, what it prevents and why we should keep vaccines. In the second section I will show what other people think about vaccines, why they think it 's bad and what they think they do to you.

During my research I came across an article called "Project Bioshield." This was an act to protect the people against bioterrorism "Project Bioshield was passed in 2004 under the recommendation of president [George W.] Bush" (Project 1). In my opinion I think vaccines are good because they help your health in some way or another. In 2004 "the department of Homeland Security Appropriations act appropriated $5.593 billion to project Bioshield" ( Project 2). These funds were used to purchase medicine to respond to any Biological Attacks to the United States. President…

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