Are Useful Tools For Social Work Practice? Essay example

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Genograms are useful tools in social work practice because it allows the counselor to see the client’s family and their relationships with each of those family members. Since I completed a genogram during my undergraduate career, I was already aware of my family functioning and have already learned why my family functions in this way. While completing my undergraduate genogram, I contacted different family members to ask my family’s mental health history, causes of death, and the relationships between all of the members. I found a trend in mental illness, and now have a better understanding of mental illnesses being genetic. Due to the genogram I learned that many of my family members have lived with mental illness. I also learned how my Grandpa Ray and Grandma Linda passed away since I was too young to understand at the time. Finally, the genogram assisted me in learning the complicated relationships within my family. Some family members have “love-hate” relationships, some do not speak to one another, and others have good relationships currently due to overcoming past damage. For example, my dad’s mom (Grace), who I call Nana, had a good relationship with my mother, but as time progressed their relationship became damaged. The relationship suffered because my Nana believed that my sisters and I spent more time with our Grandma (Mary) than her, and she was jealous. In spite of the damaged relationships in my family, there are many close and important relationships as…

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