Are Too Many People Going To College Analysis

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Untitled College. The word that can bring a heart palpation of either joy or fear to the one who hears it. When exploring the options that are out there, there are three options that come to mind:community college and universities. To some, college is a place where rigorous coursework takes place and the three A.M. Rush to finish a paper begins. Or it 's an institution that gears its students up to take on the challenges of their career by giving them the fundamentals. Then, there are the individuals who believe that altogether, college is not worth the long time claim has been told in pursuing a degree through higher education. In Charles Murray “Are Too Many People Going to College?”, he examines the ideas of a liberal and utilitarian process of education. Most of his argument isn 't that there are too many …show more content…
During high school, I went to school entirely online. While I was at home day after day, I was still in a school; that school was just on a screen. Each day I would have a lesson in each subject. When opening up the lesson for the day, all the information I needed was laid in front of me on the screen,from the books I needed to read from to the videos that were a guide. Every other week I would have a live lesson, which would essentially be a broadcast from a teacher where there would be a chat log for students to write in. During these live lessons, a teacher would give a presentation on a specific topic that needed to be covered much more in depth. Most of the time all you could hear was the teacher talking while they showed their slides and answered questions from the chat log. However, this gave opportunity to students to ask questions instead of through email or calling. While I have never gone through a college class online, I do not see education dissolving because of technology; instead I see it

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