Essay Are There Too Many Of Us?

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According to the United States Census Bureau’s global population clock, in the time it takes to read this sentence, approximately four children are born and two people will have died. Our planet’s population equals a mere seven billion. I say mere because researches have agreed that in the next three decades the count will nearly double, reaching a predicted maximum of eleven billion. Today’s generations face the most difficult and complex struggles in history, such as world hunger, energy sustainment, and global warming. In one way or another, each example is traceable to a single, underlying problem – overpopulation. Two articles address the nature of this problem. One article, Are There Too Many of Us?, by an anonymous author discusses significance of overpopulation throughout industrialized and developing countries alike, and how the predicted growth will quicken the effects of climate change. Subsequently, written by Erle C. Ellis, Overpopulation Is Not the Problem tells of a recurring historical pattern of human progression which might be the solution to our population issue. Though characteristics of relevance, style, and resolution are shared by each article, the foremost source poses a more stable evaluation of overpopulation. The former article, Are There Too Many of Us?, provides substantial evidence as to why overpopulation is relevant today. Early in the text, the author recounts a statement by the Pope made in January of 2015 which indirectly connects…

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