Are The Representatives Like U.s. Congress? Essay

1312 Words Nov 18th, 2015 6 Pages
Victoria Dochoghlian
Poli Sci 137BW
Prof. Uhlaner
November 5, 2015

Are the Representatives “Like Us” in the U.S. Congress?

“Stand for” representation, means a descriptive or symbolic representative that stands for someone or something. In descriptive representation there is the idea of representing a group of people and governing for them, two very different theories. Representing descriptively means to proportionally and characteristically represent the population they stand for, and to govern, means to make decisions and create legislature for the people they represent. In the U.S, descriptive representation is somewhat, yet not fully, present in Congress. The definition of descriptive representation relies on the understanding of one main question “is he or she like me?” The reason why this is so important because descriptive representation is not about how well the senator represents you, it’s more about the characteristics of that representative. Examples of characteristics would be, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, education level, socio economic status, income…etc. Having people “like us” in congress means that we are all somehow represented, which takes us to proportionality. Pitkin says that political theorists believe proportional representation plays an important role in descriptive representation, because in legislature, having proportionality means having a body whose composition corresponds with the population of the nation, and only then is it…

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