Are Students Taking Control Of Their Education Or Taking Up Space?

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Are student taking control of their education or taking up space. Students need to have a plan once they come to college and it is important that the stay committee to that plan. Once students finished college and applied for these jobs. Once question comes to mind. Did the students take charge of their education? Some students do not believe in taking charge of their education. They believe that it is up to the education system to provide them with everything that they need to know. Some of them not going to take the effort into learning there information for their major, so that they can be successful in the future

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the this research was to provide information on what college students needs to do take charge of there education. They need to be engage in the program, by volunteer their time to get a better understanding of they will be doing for the rest of their life.


Every day you see students going off to college and being successful in their major. Now once the students finishing his or her studies at that college or university. They are ready to take on the job that they will be applying for, but there are some problems with that. The students are not taking charge of their education and getting what they need to be successful. Students now are just relying on the education to provide them with…

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