Are Standardized Tests A Fair Way? Essays

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Are Standardized Tests a Fair Way to Determine College Admission? 1.7 million students anxiously begin to bubble in their answer sheets, knowing that what they score today will ultimately determine where they will spend the next four years of their lives (College Board). High school students today are under tremendous amounts of stress; studying to obtain what may seem impossible on the SAT; a perfect score of 2400 and on the ACT a 36. The Scholastic Assessment Test, the SAT, and the American College Testing Program, the ACT, are tests offered to high school students to assess their academic readiness for college (College Board). Students then send the results to hundreds of colleges across the US in hopes of being granted admission. Usually taken during the junior and senior year, many high school students devote summers and countless hours in preparation for the test. But it is now time to ditch these standardized tests, they are administered unfairly and should not be used to measure a student’s intellectual potential. The portfolio method, a collection of a student’s best qualities, accomplishments and work, should be used to determine whether a should be student be accepted into a university. This method ensures that a student is being recognized for all their entire high school performance rather than being chosen from a pool of test results.
Using standardized tests as a factor in selecting the applicants is inequitable in many ways. These tests correlate to…

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