Are Some People Too Old For Become Parents? Essay

1339 Words May 18th, 2016 6 Pages
Are some people too old to become parents? Many women are now waiting longer to have children. Statistics show that in 2014 the age had risen to twenty-six. Still, this number is constantly on the rise. Women are now waiting until the age of menopause to have their first child. There are more technological things that can help women get pregnant if they cannot get pregnant on their own. Many women do not believe they will have the support they need to go through this process. The question has come up, should there be a limit on the age at which women should give birth? My answer to this is yes and no. There should be restrictions on the age at which women decide to give birth because there are so many risks involved that should be taken into consideration. Many things could go wrong with the baby and the mom during the entire nine month pregnancy. However, there are some advantages to waiting to have children at an older age. By waiting, both the mom and dad will be more financially stable and more settled in their careers. One risk for women having children in their forties, is gestational diabetes. Diabetes in women, especially being pregnant at that age is unique because this sickness can affect both the mom and the baby in the long run. Gestational diabetes is two to three times more common in women forty and over. This risk is even higher if the woman gained weight over the nine month pregnancy. Treatment includes daily blood…

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