Are Social Networking Sites Good For Students? Essay

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Are Social networking sites good for students ?
What is the fastest way to connect people from different places in the world ? In the modern world, social networking sites have become a very common way for people to communicate and socialize with each other. Nowadays, most adolescents use social networking sites as their daily lives. Therefore, the number of users of social networking sites has dramatically increased. Based on research, Biswajit Das and Jyoti Shankar Sahoo state that, “starting from 1997 to 2010 there are some 1.5 billion users of social networking websites” (p.222). This shows that how popular the social networking site is. Although many people argue that there are handful of bad effects and distractions in social networking sites , social networking sites actually support education and interpersonal relationship , help students build ,maintain relationships , and develop their awareness of social issues.
First of all, social networking sites provide the advantage for the students to maintain the existing relationship with each other. The websites offer the best and the most convenient way for users to have conversations with friends, share their photos and videos, view others people 's status. Overall, it provides easy way to communicate with others. Dunne, Lawlor and
Rowley , the authors of the article “Young People 's Use of Online Social Networking Sites :a Uses and Gratifications Perspective” points out that’s, the purpose of most of the users that…

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