Are Smartphones For Children? Essay

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smartphone platform.
With smartphones today, consumers are given the option to download games to play in their free time. Being that smartphones have become so easy to get ahold of, children can get phones. A majority of the games on the phones are free, but in order to afford putting out a game that is free to consumers they have to include advertisements in the games. These advertisements are very frequent and are unavoidable to the consumers. Seeing that one of the biggest uses of smartphones for children are the games and apps, they are exposed to a great amount of different advertisements. Many of these advertisements consist of other games that you can get on your smartphone. There are options to turn off the advertisements, but the user would have to pay a fee to turn them off and people pay this fee because of the annoyance that are the advertisements.
Some companies are even aware of how much consumers dislike advertisements and have even built their entire services around the idea of not having advertising. These services include Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube however, these services require you to pay monthly fees in order to continue to use them. These companies make a great amount of money just because consumers are willing to pay to not see any advertisements when they are trying to watch a program. There are even some parents that will only allow their children to watch these streaming services until a certain age so that they would understand…

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