Are Professional Athletes Too Much Money?

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There has been, and still is, much discussion and questions regarding the controversial issue of whether or not professional athletes are getting paid too much money. The purpose of this paper is to look at this issue closely and give realistic answers or suggestions to many questions that Americans are really concerned about regarding their pay. Everyone knows about the professional fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Mayweather made 100 million dollars from the fight. Was that too much for one man? Let us begin by asking the question, what is too much money for a professional athlete? What is too much money, when a professional athlete is putting his life on the line and knows that he has a high risk of injury? What is too much money when professional athletes play to win games all season and make revenue for the team? What exactly is too much money to pay a professional female athlete who trained all year and at the end, has brought home the gold metal during the Olympics?
According to an article written by sports writer Paul Ator of, there are six reasons why athletes are not over paid. He began by stating first that athletes really do earn their salary. He also stated
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Simply put, many of us believe that they make too much money and that some of that money could be going to better use. By the same token, many of us believe that our professional athletes should get every cent they earn because of what they have to put their bodies through and because of the risk they take each and every practice, as well as every game. The fact of the matter still remains that talented professional athletes will always have an opportunity to make excessive amounts of money. The public will always want to be amused or entertained; therefore they will continue to pay to see their favorite professional athlete

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