Are Parents Really Aware Of What Internet Predators? Essay

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Are Parents Really Aware of What Internet Predators Are?

As the internet and social media have made our lives easier, it has also become an easy way for child predators to get in touch with kids. Parents are aware that there are many predators on the internet, but are unaware of how cyber-predators look for kids ages from elementary school to high school. Predators can come in diverse forms and have different intentions than other predators. Predators at the least can look for vulnerable children to create online sexual relations with. Other predators try to meet face-to-face with children they find online. The worst cyber-predator is one that lurks for children to become a victim of human trafficking. However, the internet isn’t all a bad thing - it is a very easy and useful tool that teens and kids can use in their lives - but being aware of what your child is doing on the internet, is a very important thing to know and it could save your child’s life. Some predators do not disguise themselves online. On social media, cyber-predators will use usernames like “littleboysex” or “childrape” so children know what they are about. This can reveal the kids who are willing to get involved with the predator. These children are usually offspring of parents who do not watch what they are doing when logging onto the internet. Being involved with the predator mainly consists of nude videos and pictures being sent over the web. Brian Hansen, a specialist in educational and…

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