Are New Privacy Laws Needed? Essay

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Privacy is highly controversial between individuals, some people shrug it off and say, “I have nothing to hide”, others just don’t feel it 's necessary for someone to know what kind of things they put in their weekly trash. Are new privacy laws needed? Should the government start putting restrictions on what a person or company should know about someone and their past? These questions are very controversial and the answers will vary from person to person because of different beliefs and traditions. There is a lot of controversy regarding privacy that concern people of all ages, but through the various meaning, historic events, and what the constitution says, one will decide if it 's time for an update.
“Privacy is at the very soul of being human” (Diffie, 165). For as long as humans can remember privacy has always been a major issue in our society. From the time telephones came into play,which gave strangers the advantage of calling their own private house to talk to others, until now with the creation of the Internet. Harlen Coben states, “With new technology comes new responsibility. There is a fine line between being responsibly protective and irresponsibly nosy (Coben, 25).” With the rise of technology in the U.S. today many individual privacies have been invaded, “from video cameras that record our entries into shops and buildings to supermarket checkout tapes…” (Diffie, 141). Every step we take is pretty much watched by the government. Although many people look at the…

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