Essay on Are Mathematics And Christianity Related At All?

1121 Words Apr 3rd, 2016 null Page
Are Mathematics and Christianity related at all? For some, mathematics is simply rules, laws, and axioms that are used to make sense of problems. For others mathematics is the language God used to create universe in its entirety. Either way, certain questions continue to puzzle mathematicians such as: are mathematics invented by human minds to unlock the many mysteries of the world, or are these mathematical truths embedded in God’s nature and henceforth used in the creation of the world? Throughout history many theories about the nature of mathematics have been discovered and discarded. This paper with explore the ontological status of mathematics from three distinct views, firstly the constructivist/social constructivist view which states that mathematics does not exist apart from human minds and can only exist if they are found, constructed or agreed upon. Secondly The Empiricistin which God transcends mathematics and mathematics is a human activity using Gods created works as a foundation. Lastly, the Augustinian view where mathematical entities and ideas are part of Gods nature and exist in his mind. Therefore we can use them to make sense of God’s creation. What is the ontological status of mathematics, and what does this status say about humans ability to understand the nature of God or creation? This is a question that has been particularly puzzling to philosophers, and therefore stand as the focus of this particular paper. To consider every possible solution…

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