Are Living At Home Or Live? A Dorm? Essays

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Would You Live At Home Or Live In A Dorm?
Living in a dorm or living at home while being a college student is different in the cost, the activities, and the life styles. Sometimes students don’t think about the advantages of living at home while being a student. Other times, students don’t think of the advantages of living in a dorm. There are many excellent and negative things for either decision. The first and most important difference in this decision is the finances. LIving in a dorm would be more expensive. A student would need to pay for the dorm. The fees for living in a dorm are costly. On top of this price, one would need to buy new furniture and decorations. A student will also need towels, bed sheets, and other necessary objects. If a student lives in a dorm they will need to buy a meal ticket, this will provide them a breakfast, lunch, and supper each night. If a student lived at home, however, the cost would be a huge difference. Living at home would be less expensive. The student wouldn’t have to pay fees to live there, nor would they need to buy new decorations or new furniture. They would basically be living for free with food for no cost. Students wouldn’t be out as much money if they lived at home. Another difference in living at home or living in a dorm is the activities you could do or not do. A student who lives in a dorm will always have entertainment available to them. Students can participate in pep rallies, and other game day events. He/She…

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