Are Listening Automatic? How Much Time Do We Spend Listening On The Workplace?

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3. Engage participants
4. Built Trust
9) Is listening automatic? How much time do we spend listening in the workplace?
Listening is not automatic. Most workers spend 30 to 45 percent of communication time listening. Executives spend 60 to 70 percent.
10) According to experts, we ignore, forget, distort, or misunderstand 75 percent of everything we hear? Why are we such poor listeners?
We are poor listeners because of poor training, surround noises, competing stimuli, and because the human brain can process speech faster than people can speak it. The last factor causes a loss of interest in the speaker’s message over time.
11) What are ten techniques for improving workplace listening? Be prepared describe each.
Ten Keys to Building Listening Skills
• Control external and internal distractions
• Become actively involved
• Separate facts from opinions
• Identify important facts
• Avoid interrupting
• Ask clarifying questions
• Paraphrase to increase understanding
• Capitalize on lag time
• Take notes to ensure retention
• Be aware of gender differences
12) Which forms of nonverbal communication or nonverbal cues send silent messages about us?
These nonverbal cues and communications send silent messages about us:
• Eye contact- Direct or wandering eye shows engagement or disinterest
• Facial Expressions- Show listening, comprehension, and even emotional state
• Posture and gestures- Show self-confidence, listening, and status
• Time-Arriving early, structuring meetings…

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