Are Juvenile Detention Centers Safe and Effective Essay

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Juvenile Boot Camps are Safe and Effective

Are juvenile boot camps safe Effective? I believe juvenile boot camps are safe and effective, only in certain circumstances. Just as criminals go to jail and are released, committing other crimes, so do us teenagers. For example, my cousin has gotten caught stealing merchandise from a Macy’s store. Months later attempted to steal from a Champs shoes store. The consequences are too lenient. In this generation, kids live for the moment, if the consequences for their actions were much strict, and less easily avoidable, they would not do such actions as stealing, drugs, and other illegal acts. That is my point of view. So I’d say it is a 50/50 chance of the changing of the heart of the child being
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If a juvenile misbehaves, then a punishment such as completing pushups is administered (MacKenzie, Gover, Armstrong, & Mitchell, 2001). Generally, those who attend boot camps are young, are convicted of a nonviolent crime (although some camps permit participants who have been convicted of a violent crime), and have no previous convictions. The programs are usually voluntary, and the participant must meet certain physical and mental health requirements. The referrals are frequently made by a judge, administrator in the corrections department, or parole board member (MacKenzie & Hebert, 1996). When a participant has completed his time in the camp, there is often a graduation ceremony (MacKenzie, Brame, McDowall, & Souryal, 1995).

Definition of Terms For the purposes of this review of the literature, boot camp is defined as a correctional program with a military-style environment. This review does not consider any place that was requested by either parents/guardians or the juvenile outside of the court system or any camp that was paid for by the parents/guardians of the juvenile. The boot camp must be located in the continental United States. The location can be a facility all on its own or part of a larger prison facility. It is separate from a mainstream prison (although the location of the boot camp may be next to a mainstream prison, and some facilities may be shared with that prison). The program can be of any size and

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