Essay about Are Journalists Adopt A Posture Of Resistance?

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There is a tension between the journalistic principles (the investigation, sources, shared view, the original angle) and field realities (lack of time, resources, requirement of publication hot) (Kwak, Lee, Park & Moon, 2010). Lack of time and manpower reduced to going to the field, digital gadgets, SEO can help war journalism "sit" and "followership" which a subject is unavoidable simply because competitors have Treaty. However, some journalists adopt a posture of resistance. A conscientious journalist takes the time to do its job, to step back. But this is not apparently the most common species. The science of producing organisms can (and should) support these journalists do not encourage copycat.
Journalists were able to express their expectations vis-à-vis the press offices of research organizations, spontaneous or assisted manner but also their critics (Knight, 2012). All journalists met express the need to go to the source, to meet with scientists at the very least by phone at best face to face. In this quest for the direct relationship with the researcher, the press services “com” are sometimes seen as brakes filters disruptive (Bruns & Highfield, 2012). However, journalists recognize that they have an important role to play in finding the relevant interlocutors (and new) when they need it. If they evoke quite-regular special relationship with this or that press officer, they often criticize the lack of knowledge on the part of the press services of the specifics of…

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