Are Infants Use Movement? Essays

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A). Perceiving objects in everyday aspects such as a living room with toys all over the floor, or a plate on the dining room table requires you to determine where the object begins and where it ends as you are measuring how much depth the item has (Gross, 167). You recognize the edges of each object as well as the belonging of each individual item to the tied environment. As infants grow up, they develop these abilities to be able to develop shadows to where the items edges are tied to the specific object. As the book states “movement appears to help infants perceive edges and objects. In a number of studies, infants have been habituated to displays in which two arrangements of elements on a video screen move back and forth in various ways” (Gross, 167). Infants use movement as a way to be able to recognize the edges of an object and how it would correlate to the specific pattern. As infants move around more as they are developing they are able to recognize more of their distinct characteristics. As the object moves along with them for example, if a cup rolls on the floor from the high chair they are able to acquire more information on how the object interacts with the environment it is in as they see the difference from it standing straight to it being turned over rolling.

B). Perceiving objects within the vision sense is interesting to me as it explains the process of infants being able to relate to the world. When I see an object I am able to see where it begins and…

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