Essay about Are Illegal Immigrants Really Boosting Our Country?

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Are Illegal Immigrants Really Boosting Our Country? For many years, illegal immigration has always been a priority issue in America. America’s welcoming nature and desirable working opportunities has attracted over 40 million immigrants, making the country known as a “melting pot.” Many immigrants come to America to move in with their loved ones, flee from crime infested cities, and find better paying jobs. However, due to the prolonged and expensive legalization process, many immigrants desperately intrude into America, as well as immigrants who have left their green cards unrenewed. Even though they are searching for a better life, they have unintentionally caused upheavals within the country. Moreover, in order to prevent financial burdens and to protect America’s word of “justice,” illegal immigrants should not be given a pathway to citizenship. If illegal immigrants were granted amnesty, then the citizens of America would be burdened with an increase of fiscal costs. In order for a foreigner to live in the country, it takes up to five years and a costly amount for an immigrant to receive his or her permanent resident card, or “green card.” Therefore, it’s implied that those who find their way into America illegally, are only holding a small amount of money. In our country, citizens who aren’t making a comfortable amount of money, receive benefits from the government, such as Welfare. The government is able to offer this money by making all citizens pay taxes.…

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