Are Humans The Main Cause Of Climate Change? Essay

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Are Humans the Main Cause of Climate Change? Climate change is a concerning problem to many people in the world today. There is a consensus among most scientists and ordinary people that climate change is occurring, but what is most debated is whether or not human activity is the main cause of these recent changes in temperature. The climate change which concerns peoples the most is the warming, but the cooling of the Earth is also a concern. There are many reasons that can contribute to the argument against man-made climate change which can be reasoned from science and logic. The main cause of climate change is not human influence due to the pressing evidence of earth cycles, sunlight sensitivity, and various other natural occurrences. As represented by a NASA experiment, the global temperature since the beginning of multicellular life has been fluctuating a great amount. This extensive period of time has seen extensive warming and cooling periods that can be distinguished by a difference in average temperature of twelve degrees Celsius which is approximately 21.6 degrees Fahrenheit (Earth 's Fidgeting Climate). According to Kerry Emanuel, an American professor of meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the average temperature of Earth about 50 million years ago was about sixty degrees Fahrenheit, allowing trees to grow up by the North Pole. This temperature is about thirty degrees warmer than the average temperature today (Emanuel). NASA…

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