Are Humans Good Or Bad? Essay

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Are humans good or bad? This is a question that many have asked throughout humanity. For thousands of years, several philosophers have debated about whether human nature is good or is human nature bad. I believe that no human is perfect and we all have our faults we all make mistakes. I don’t think that we are necessarily good or bad, I believe that we have the ability to be both good and bad. In many cases life simply is not fair and it has a way of throwing some in a cave full of lions left with no choice but to fight in order to survive. No matter how perfect a person might try to be we make mistakes it is simply inevitable. I believe that we are born free of sin. In life we make choices that whether they are good or not they tend to mark our lives in one way or another.
I don’t believe that perfect human being exists in this world. I don’t believe that humans are bad simply because they make a mistake and do something bad in their life. I do not believe that a person is fully good because it is simply impossible. I feel that human nature is bad, mainly because of the temptation this world has to offer. Every single one of us has done something that was simply wrong, sometimes without us even knowing that we did it. Therefore, we are all bad at some point in our lives. So therefore I believe that human nature is both good and bad.
Some philosophers have very different views on the subject. St. Augustine believed that all children were born into a life of sin. He…

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