Essay on Are Humans Free?

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Are Humans Free?
The king of Thebes had a prophecy of woe, laden upon his shoulders. The oracle promised that his own son would kill him in cold blood, claiming his mother as his wife. Blindly, King Laius abandoned his son in the woods, in his attempts to avoid his fate he only sealed it. Oedipus grew old, learned of the terrible prophecy and lashed out at a wary traveler. This man unknowingly was Oedipus’ father and king, Laius. Oedipus Rex is a tragic tale of, our destiny is set, an unwavering force leading us to our predetermined fate. Humans are not free. An external force drives us whether it be God or past events. We may feel free, for example, I had three cinnamon rolls this morning because I felt like it but this is flawed, I ate three cinnamon rolls because I was hungry. This belief is knows as Libertarian free will but can we base our beliefs merely off a feeling we have in our gut? Determinism is the concept that everything, in principle, can be explained or that everything has a specific reason for being. Augustine argues that if God knows what I am going to do, then I cannot do something other than what he knows I am going to do. Hume was a compatibilist. He believed freedom and causal determinism are likeminded, coexisting with each other like a rhino and oxpecker. Casual determinism is the belief that every event is brought about by a previous event and circumstances together with the laws of nature. For example, a player hitting the ball flawlessly with…

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