Are Honey Bees So Important? Essay

1692 Words May 11th, 2016 null Page

Like they say, it’s the little things that count. The smallest actions can make the biggest changes. Honey bees, as small as they are, impact our daily lives a great deal . Why are Honey bees so important? Well, they contribute to our food sources, our environment, our health, but most importantly, our existence. It is important for us as a race to take care of their species when no one else can. We need to preserve the Honey Bees because they are vital to our survival and everyday lives. Honey bees are slowly disappearing due to climate change, pesticides, loss of habitat, and disease (Zissu). Bees provide pollination in which many foods and supplies depend on. But today, our country uses pesticides on almost all of our nations’ farmlands. The pesticides kill off the bees, causing a decrease in their population. Pesticides are a serious health issue. They harm the crops, animals, and the consumers. Over 5 million pounds of pesticides are sprayed each year (The Buzz). Neonicotinoids is the name of the chemical pesticides that are harmful to the bee species. Because of Neonicotinoids, there have been recordings of mass bee deaths across the country (The Buzz). These chemicals kill off the bee species which creates a horrible domino effect. As a result of the bees dying off, a food shortage will be next to follow. Pollination is vital to foods such as fruits, chocolate, coffee, vegetables, spices, dairy foods, and more. Food will start to decrease and the human…

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