Are Honey Bees Prefer Flowers Of The Epilobium Canum Plant Within A Moderate Range Of Color Red Intensity?

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Abstract: Research was done to determine whether or not honey bees prefer flowers of the Epilobium canum plant within a moderate range of color red intensity. This research is significant because it enables us to understand more about bee behavior, and, not to mention, it will aid farmers in crop production to select the most efficient pollinators for specific types of crops. E. canum plants were surveyed and later used to calculate the proportion of the color red per flowers for each plant surveyed to compare and attempt to depict a correlation between pollinator visitation frequency and intensity of the color red in E. canum flowers. Although there is no evidence that suggests a correlation between these two variables after performing a p-test, a trend between such variables was found. California fuchsia flowers within the range of 0.75-0.86 proportion of the color red seemed to be favored by honey bee; thus, indicating that flowers with very low and high proportions of the color red are less favored by honey bees compared to the flowers that pertain to the average value of red proportion as recently mentioned.
Most flowers depend on pollination, the act of acquiring food for the exchange of plant sex, in order to thrive in the wild; however, some plants may exhibit more visits from pollinators than other plants, including those of the same species, and have, what seem to be, competitive advantages. These advantages vary from evolved nectar guides, plant…

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