Are Gmos Genetically Modified Organisms? Essay

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1.0 Introduction
This will introduce the topic for discussion. GMOs ( Genetically modified organisms) refers to plants and animals that have scientifically changed their genetic makeup through introduction of new genes into their DNA to improve the products that they provide to human beings and other animals. They are made resistant to various environmental conditions that could otherwise underscore their products; insect resistance, drought resistance, saline resistance and also improved resistance to herbicides. GMOs are usually undergoes through scientific techniques in the biotechnology laboratories. Some of the organizations that carry out these work are KARLO, CRF and KEFRI in Kenya. Here we will discuss the arguments for and counter arguments against the GMO organisms.
2.0 GMO Foods
2.1 Arguments for GMO Foods
This subsection will provide arguments in favour of GMO foods.
The main reason why experts are proposing GMO foods is because they have the benefit of producing higher crop yields that can be used to alleviate hunger in many countries (Whitman, 2000). GMO animals are also improved through breeding where there yields are improved and also through addition of GM traits . Germplasm improvement from traditional breeding has also boosted yields (Monsanto-2009). Research has been also done to verify the yields from genetically-modified maize crop to non modified, the result showed that the GMO maize was higher yielder than non-GMO maize. Khatib, F. et al. Nat.…

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