Essay Are Genetically Modified Organisms?

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Within twenty years, the world’s population will need fifty percent more food that it can produce today. To address the growing demand for food sources, farmers across the world are choosing to grow GMOs on their land. GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are plants that are developed through a process where genes or genetic material are copied from one plant or organism to another. The production of GMOs is an example of biotechnology, a study of cellular processes to develop technologies that improve human life and world health. GMOs and biotechnology can help meet the growing demand for food. Therefore, farmers and consumers should support the production of GMOs. Prior to genetically modified organisms, farmers and gardeners primarily used conventional breeding to improve plant traits. Just as GMOs are used to modify a broad spectrum of plant traits, conventional breeding is able to change traits as well. For example, flavoring, adaptability, and color are just a few traits that can be modified through conventional breeding. Though GMOs and conventional breeding are comparable, they share dissimilarities as well. Conventional breeding crosses many genes at once, while genetic modification isolates the specific gene that is preferred to be modified. In addition, genetic modification is able to introduce favored genes among different species. Unlike genetic modification, conventional breeding is only capable to modify traits within one specific species. Furthermore,…

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