Are Exemplary Leaders Should Take Risks? Essay

1359 Words Nov 15th, 2015 null Page
Fully explain how the authors suggest exemplary leaders should take "risks". Use your own words, be thorough, provide references when needed while providing personal examples that further illustrate your knowledge on this topic.

"Nothing new and nothing great is achieved by doing things the way you 've always done them" (Kouzes, 2012). Exemplary leaders should take risks by promoting their vision and reinventing their vision if it is not adequate. Get the team involved in giving suggestions to make the organization a better place to work and possibly create more revenue. An exemplary leader should create partnerships with the community and create some kind of award system to get more people motivated to help and work with the organization. "Making extraordinary things happen in organizations demands a willingness to try new things and take chances with new ideas" (Kouzes, 2012). Exemplary leaders test unproven strategies, go against the norm, by taking the next step and going beyond the ordinary. Every new step can generate small wins to boost the morale of the organization from small accomplishments. Effective leadership requires a balance of different qualities and methods that inspire followers to achieve a common goal" (wiseGEEK, 2015). Getting more people involved to be part of the team will need that strong exemplary leader that won 't be afraid to take risks and go above and beyond, "the difference between an exemplary leader and an individual risk-taker is that…

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