Are Diets The Best Choice? Essay

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Are Diets the Best Choice?

It’s late. Dinner was supposed to be made two hours ago; the kids are quite hungry and… you are in a car, driving to the first McDonalds you see, you grab everyone a quick Big Mac and gobble it down very fast. The next couple of weeks are the same way. Looking into the mirror you start to notice that you are getting chubby and the first think that comes to mind, “I have got to go on a diet.” According to statistics, nearly two-thirds of the American Population is overweight. Also, over 80 million people are said to be on special diets (Diamond, 2003. P. ix.) This is true, but diets are not the answer to lose weight. The following are questions to think about when looking toward a diet:
1. Can dieting side effects be dangerous for a person’s health?
2. Are some dieting choices harmful?
3. Do teenagers get to obsessive when choosing a diet plan?
4. Looking at the other side, can diets really help people live a healthier life?
With these few questions, they can lead up to one decision; diets are not always the best choice when you are thinking about trying to lose weight. Can dieting side effects be dangerous for a person’s health? Usually when dieting, people go to many extremes. If not foods, they will go to pills or even surgery. When on diet fails, we begin another. When starting a diet it usually starts off good. People get thinner, a more divine figure begins to form, but in reality all we are doing is losing water, and by losing too much…

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