Are Criminals Rational Decision Makers? Essay

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There are several theories that are used to explain why people commit crimes. These theories cover a range of scientific studies that still continue to be used in crime studies today. By using these theories and information gathered, an explanation of the criminal behaviours will be examined and explained relating to each supporting theories. The traditional explanations for crime are nature vs. nurture debate and the ideas relating to any possible biological reasons that turns someone into a criminal. Are some people really just ‘born bad?’ or are there other, social reasons for criminal behaviour? In this essay I will look at both sides of the argument, and offer an insight into the reasons behind such criminal behaviours. The Classical …show more content…
A few hours later, Sckeena and Lakeisha gathered six of their friends and went to Tomika apartment. The group of women carried with them a butcher knife and two baseball bats, where they used the objects to attack and kill Tomika, who was only 20 years old at the time. Sckeena was only 19 years old, and Lakeisha was 21 (Vedantam).Studies has shown that in a city where there it is a lower-income neighbourhood such as South-East DC where both all of the women were from, the youth there has adapted and learned to defend themselves in order to survive and be fearful of (Matsueda, 1988). People would fight to defend themselves and what is theirs, in terms of if it is property or a reputation, fiercely. Due to the lack of good policing, or the mistrust in police, most people who has grown up in this kind of environment has often taken the law into their own hands in resolving their conflicts as the institutions has failed to protect them (Sutherland, 1939).
From all the evidences and facts that were put forward in the trial, it can be established that the motives behind for this murder was respect. Sutherland’s differential association theory is the best theory that can be used to explain why this crime was committed although other theories can also explain this crime. Social disorganization theory looks at the breakdown in traditional social control and organization in the society such as school, police, community, neighbourhood, or family so that deviant

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