Are College Students Think That They Can Not Fail? Essay

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Some college students think that they cannot fail. Students that did well in high school, think getting a bad grade is the end of the world. It is common to get a bad grade in college occasionally, but students think they are invincible denying it will happen to them. They need to be prepared that college can be hard for some people and a bad grade is not the end of the world. According to The University of Alabama’s webpage titled “Causes of Failure in College,” students cannot take criticism. In high school, it is the teacher’s job to grade and critic the work. The trouble is that many students do not know how to evaluate their work. They frequently overestimate their understanding of college material and the quality of their written work. This factor alone may lead to taking criticism too personally, placing blame on instructors, and claiming "personality conflicts" with teachers.
They are not prepared emotionally. Going to college is big life change, lot of things are different including independence from parents, finding yourself, choosing a career path, meeting new people. On one college tour I was on there was a boy who said he didn’t realize how much free time he would have in college. He said he would go to class for a few hours a day then go back to his dorm and play video games all day. He said it was a bad time because he didn’t make a lot of friends that way and all he did was spend his time playing video games. Then the next semester he learned he couldn’t do…

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