Are Class Differences In Parenting Style Disamparison Analysis

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The textbook, Public and Private Families by Andrew J. Cherlin, as well as the article, Are Class Differences in Parenting Style Disappearing? by Tristan Bridges and Tara Leigh Tober both identify concerted cultivation and natural growth parenting styles to be used commonly among the social classes; upper, middle, and working/poor class. The textbook and article identify the concerted cultivation parenting style to be used most by the upper and middle class, while the natural growth parenting style is used most amongst the working/poor class.
The Concerted cultivation style as Andrew J. Cherlin describes it in the textbook, is the impact parents have on their child’s life as nurturing a garden so plants would grow in the best possible way. In concerted cultivation parents have a more hands on approach, they place their child or children in social activities such as sports, clubs, or play dates and also have them involved in educational benefits such as tutoring. The authors of Are Class Differences in Parenting Style Disappearing?,
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It was nice growing up with the natural approach because I definitely learned independent, obedience, and sich. Like the chapter say that growing up with natural growth the subling confortations are rough and relationships can be bad between siblings and it was for my siblings and I we went all out when we fought, but as we grew and matured and now are adults our relationship is actually amazing, we are all close to one another. I feel like growing up I got a sense of both parenting styles, more of natural growth, but I was exposed to both and see the characterisc that both the article and textbook outline for each style are both in

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