Are Beauty Pagents Harmful Essay

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Are Beauty Pageants Harmful?
I. As the old saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which means that someone or something may be attractive and eye-catching to one person, but completely unattractive to another person. If we lived in a perfect world, maybe everyone would follow the wise words of this old saying and admit that evaluating beauty is a subjective practice. (Bartell, Jeffery) Unfortunately, none of us live in a perfect world and the society that does exist feels some strong need to turn every aspect of people’s lives into a competition. It is well known that competitions, in general, are healthy. However, there is one competition that should be drastically discouraged, if not eliminated entirely,
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2. They create the American public's view of beauty: tall, skinny, looks in a swimsuit and fancy gown. (Hamilton, Tom) B. In a high percentage of Hollywood films, even those in which the woman should be portrayed as a strong willed, independent heroine, usually feature women being played off solely as sex objects. (Bartell, Jeffery) C. The idea getting across to the young men and women of the world is that only one kind of women's body type is acceptable, is affecting the physical and mental health of the young generation. D. Women are judged primarily on their physical appearance, while their personal qualities like talents and characters are neglected. 1. Some beauty contests include quizzes in which the contestants show "their talents" by answering questions that only require common sense. 2. These questions are always very simple and skin-deep. 3. Sometimes the most talented and smart women who are not pretty enough cannot pass the preliminary test.

II. Beauty pageants set unrealistic goals for a women’s appearance A. It is a well known idea that young women of the world are strongly influenced by the images and perceptions of women that they gain through the media. 1. Beauty contest participants are poor role models for girls. 2. Women in pageants set impracticable body weight, large breasts, and clear skin standards, in which these perceptions of what is attractive is dangerous for the young female

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