Essay about Are Animals For Scientific Research?

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For people like Mandy Howard, using animals for scientific research is one of the best and most effective types of research there is. In 2009, Mandy’s child was diagnosed with severe epilepsy. At first, there were not any drugs capable of stabilizing her child 's severe condition. After many years of hospital visits and failed treatments, scientists were able to discover the exact cause of epilepsy in the brain. This scientific breakthrough, which would later help thousands of people with epilepsy, was discovered by using mice as test subjects. Although the exact number of mice that were killed is unknown, it is safe to say that that number is also nearing the thousands (Animal Testing). So, do the drawbacks, including the death of animals, outweigh the benefit of the major discovery? Are there more beneficial means of research? Scientists and researchers use animals to compare how their bodies (similar to that of a human) react with drugs, chemicals, and medical treatments. This research is then applied to humans; however, since there is not a single animal with the same genetic makeup of humans, this research can prove to be inaccurate. Although scientists have been able to make many medical breakthroughs by using animals for research, there are more effective and less harmful ways to research. In the past year, scientists and researchers have made many significant scientific breakthroughs by using animals as their test subjects. Elizabeth Fischer, with a Ph.D. in…

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