Are All Men Created Equal According To The Declaration Of Independence Analysis

In what sense are all men created equal according to the Declaration of Independence? The majority of the Declaration of Independence is a listing of all the injustices that the King of England has committed against the colonies. However, it is important to understand why these injustices are deemed unjust by Jefferson and the other writers of the Declaration of Independence. All the reasons can be boiled down to the statement that Jefferson makes proclaiming that “all men are created equal.” This means that since all mean are created equal, they are endowed with all the same natural rights. Now that Jefferson has made this basic claim, it is important to further analyze it to understand exactly what he is trying to say. To be specific, Jefferson is making the claim that all men are created equal in nature. This appeal to right and wrong in nature has a normative component, which Jefferson believes to be universally true in nature, and completely unalienable. Some of these natural rights that all men are equally endowed with include life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These natural rights indicate that men have the right to live their lives free from tyrannical interference, or be able to alter or abolish the tyrannical government. Jefferson arrives at this claim because he makes the argument that governments …show more content…
Since all men are created equally, it means that men have a natural dominion over their own lives. If all men have this natural dominion, only through consent can the people be governed. In essence, the phrase means that all free men are equally created to have the same treatment under the law, and the same ability to question and abolish the government creating those laws. Further, equality is not something that can be given or taken away, since all people are provided with these unalienable

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