Are Adolescent Ready For Marriage? Essay

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Are Adolescent ready for Marriage? , And how do we know when are teenagers immature enough to become an independent from their families , and make their own family.Some people think that they are not yet mature and still need taking care of. Even if children at this age wanted to marry, one should realise that what these children have in mind may be just fantasy of what movies and storybooks are made of . The reality of responsibilities that have not dawned upon them yet . Reality for one person is very different from another . We tend to make assumptions and judgments , based on our own experiences and values , and impose it on other people despite the fact that we know so little about them , apart from what we read in media . We don’t know their specific circumstances . We may not even make an attempt to understand where they 're coming from ! How do we know if it 's the right or wrong thing to do.
In many parts of the world getting marry young it 's part of their culture and there not even teenagers in some parts its children getting marry ,and they call it “Child Marriage” or they call it Prescribed marriageable age” one of those are when a child gets marry , and how they call it in those parts , is below 18 years old , especially in the case of girls , and even when the age is set at 18 years old , many jurisdictions permit earlier marriage with parental consent or in special circumstances , such as teen pregnancy. In certain countries , even when the legal marriage…

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