Are ‘Great’ Leaders Born or Made? Illustrate Your Arguments by Drawing on Examples of I) Leaders and Leadership; and Ii) Relevant Leadership Theories.

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The question of whether exceptional leaders are born with their strong leadership skills or if they develop them over their (sometimes quite short) lives has been a point of controversy for a long time, making many scientists scratch their heads. In the 20th century there was a strong belief that we are able to become whoever we want to, nowadays, due to rapid progress in genetics we are being told that our genes can make us prone to be more aggressive, have diabetes, cancer…but does it actually mean we can be predetermined to be good leaders as well? In order to make my essay as impartial as possible, I will analyze examples of leaders of different backgrounds, varying from Osama Bin Laden to Arnold Schwarzenegger and …show more content…
Now, let’s have a look at another figure, Osama bin Laden - the founder of the Islamic extremist organization al-Qaeda. How come that he managed to become a leader of an organization of which members were willing to sacrifice their lives in numerous suicide attacks on various targets worldwide? Unlike other leaders within terrorists’ structures he was presenting a high level of organization. In the 1990s he did what many multinational companies were doing throughout much of the western world, namely implemented and designed a flexible new organizational framework strategically using multiple levels and both top-down and bottom-up approaches. This level of sophistication in planning, training and logistics was previously unheard of. He was not only indicating a general direction to follow, but also specific steps that had to be taken in order to achieve their goals. That is a perfect example of 'Transactional’ type of leadership where a leader guide or motivate their followers in the direction of established goals by clarifying role and task requirements. If we see any of his speeches available on YouTube we will see there he is quite a charismatic person. Another factor that must have contributed to his popularity between his followers is his willingness to take on high personal risk, incur high costs, and engage in self sacrifice to achieve the vision. Now, employing the same method as we did with the previous example – looking at the subject’s childhood, we

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