Phase A Testing Essay

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The primary purpose of Phase A testing is to evaluate the feasibility of an Arduino-based system in regards to the load sensor’s ability to weigh the balls and send this information to the Arduino. The physical design structure (funnel, feed ramp and selector disc) is also evaluated. Sorting capabilities are not tested.
The balls had to be individually loaded into the device because the funnel was unable to handle the simultaneous loading of all the balls. After exiting the feed ramp, some balls were projected into the air due to their excessive speed.
Nevertheless, the selector mechanism only allowed one ball to enter at a time. Servo 1 stopped rotating once the ball was over the load sensor. The
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Servo 1 is mounted below the selector platform, on the D, and is not visible from above. The function of servo 1 is unchanged. Additionally, popsicle sticks replace the cardboard originally surrounding the selector disc to give a more professional appearance (see Figure 3.A).
Additionally, a pipecleaner barrier partially surrounding the selector mechanism was installed (see Figure 3.A). This barrier extends directly from the feed ramp’s exit point and wraps around the load sensor. Another barrier, made from a popsicle stick, was installed opposite to the pipecleaner barrier (see Figure 3.A). These barriers will prevent any balls from falling out of the device during the selector disc’s rotation.
4.4.5. EXIT RAMP
A blue plastic tube that was cut in half lengthwise replaced the previous non-functional cardboard exit ramp. Pipecleaners attach the exit ramp to the selector platform (see Figure 3.D). A popsicle stick connects the ramp’s midpoint to servo 2, which is mounted underneath the selector platform (see Figure 3.D). Servo 2 moves to a specific angle depending on the ball’s material, which causes the exit ramp to move correspondingly (see Table

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