Arduina Case Study

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• Arduino – Purpose of processing
• Voice Recognition Module – Voice command identification
• Motor controlling Circuit – Motor Control
• Gear Motors – Direction variation & constant speed running

2.1.1. ARDUINO
Arduino Mega contains everything needed to support the function of the micro controller. It includes digital output/input pins & analog input pins. It connects to a computer through USB cables or power it by a use of AC –DC adapter.


Arduino Programming Process:
• Installation of Aduino software
• Selection of the Arduino connection COM port
• Selection of connection type of Arduino board (Arduino Mega or UNO…)
• Develop of the program (
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This contains two DC motors with two ger wheels. The gear motors will controll the moving speed of the wheel chair & facilitate the breaking system.
The IC used for the motr driver is L 293D chip which will drive the two DC motors. The micro controller provides the input the motor driver. Using of aminimum 3v Volatge, the motor driver would run the two DC motors. But if it is necessary to use a large motor, L 289IC chip can be used.
The Use of L 293D chip is as follows.

Difference between L293D and L298

The descrioption of L293D:

• Enable pins: This contains pin no.1 & pin no 9. Pin no 1 will activate half-H driver 1 & 2. The pin no 9 will acticate H- bridge 3 & 4.
• VCC1 (Pin 16): 5v supply is connected. Considered as the power supply pin.
• VCC2 (Pin 8): Works as the power supply for the motor system. Needs to provide a positive volatege for the motore to drive. If it is necessary to provide 12v, need to apply the same to the pin. It is also possile to run the motor using batteries as well. 36V is the maximum voltage can be used.
• GND (Pins 4,5,12,13): ommon GND of circuit is

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