Architrctural Analysis on Avelino Duarte by Alvaro Siza Essay

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Avelino Duarte
Alvaro Siza

Mohamad Safieddine
Theory I
Ms. Chantal El Hayek
June 5, 2011
Spring 2011-20012 Index

Surface Articulation & Entrance
The Circulation & the Inside Spaces
In Conclusion Analytical Diagrams (Autocad drawings)
Photo Documentation

The Avelino Duarte House is a work by the Portuguese architect, Alvaro Siza. Built in Portugal , Ovar construction stared in the 1982 and was completed in 1984 ,It is a modernistic house with a simple, yet elegant feel to it. The simplicity in the design does not take away from the beauty and complexity of the house and by the interior spaces within .

Approach :
To the south of Oporto the
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The circulation and the inside spaces :
Avelino Duarte has a centralized organization of spaces ,the atrium inside runs through all the floors to the roof ,inside which is the main circulation which leads to two types of spaces ,spaces linked by a common space, land adjacent spaces .We could easily depict what is private from public from the articulation of the façade ,where the ground floor surrounded by glass is completely exposed to the public ,where as the upper floors are private .
As you enter the main door , an empty space is a gesture as a welcoming space to the house ,directly in front of it is the atrium containing the main circulation leading up to the upper floors ,the atrium is the dominating figure in the house ,spaces around it are linked by this common spacea hierarchal principle of some kind .the around adjacent spaces are the kitchen ,living room, the guest room, and two service bathrooms

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