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The Shore Facilities Planning system is a data base that assists Commander, Navy Installation Command, Navy Enterprises in making decisions concerning the acquisition, disposal and management of its capital assets, Iike facilities, its land and shore infrastructure.
The military readiness, effectiveness, and responsiveness of the Navy depend on the availability and condition of its assets. The goal of the Shore Facilities Planning Process is to achieve mission readiness.
The Shore Facility Planning Process is a critical part of the Navy's process of maintaining land and shore facilities. It precedes the facility programming, budgeting, funding and implementation phases necessary for prudent management of Navy's facilities. It is a
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Derived from NAVFAC accepted and established planning criteria where the space is well defined
2. or could be derived from engineering analysis or technical studies where the space is partially or wholly undefined;
3. or could be derived from a combination of both
BFR is the result of an analysis of projected mission and personnel loading, operational considerations, activity and surrounding community conditions, and sound professional judgment.
It basically provides a number derived from the base loading that is the optimal footprint necessary for a command to perform its mission. BFRs are based on authorized five-year projection of base loading. Every BFR should be reviewed and validated within a five-year period or updated as significant changes in mission or base loading occur.
BFRs are not directly constrained by anticipated funding levels, individual operational priorities, or inefficiencies in existing facilities.
These factors instead may have an impact on the recommendations for implementation of planning actions proposed in the Asset Evaluation (AE) phase. Therefore, while preparation of the BFR may occur independently of the Asset Evaluation phase, both phases must be completed and kept current in order to begin the Analysis, Concepts and Proposals Step.
The Asset Evaluation Step includes an inspection and evaluation of an activity's

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