Summary Of Architecture In City And Sanctuary By Christina Yeroulanon

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In both Marina Yeroulanon’s chapter, "Architecture in City and Sanctuary", and Olga Palagia’s chapter of “Architectural Sculpture” and it is apparent that there was a drastic change in the form of architecture over a few centuries in Greek civilization. In Yeroulanon’s chapter there an emphasis on the Doric and Ionic on the evolution of the architecture in terms of the creation of different types of buildings. Palagia’s chapter was more orientated towards the variations in the sculptures with respect to the Doric and Ionic order over time.
In “Architecture in City and Sanctuary”, the primary focus of the chapter was on the development of the architecture in terms of form, materials, scale and function. A building that bridged the gap between the two different time eras was the
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Palagia’s chapter discussed more of the influence on the sculptures that were evident in the different architecture forms, where as Yeroulanon’s chapter focused more on the different types of buildings created with the qualities of the two orders. Overall, both arguments were quite efficient as they had many examples and showed the change in characteristics but the use of the two orders through time. The readings are quite relevant to the course as they show the influence of different cultures and environments on the Greek architecture and how certain key elements remained established. I thought it was quite interesting to see how the key elements that were discussed are evident in modern architecture. Many great buildings like the Lincoln memorial, White House, the Union Station, Arc de Triomphe have adapted many elements from the ancient Greek architecture such as: the friezes, sculptures embed in the structures and the grand columns that are made in front of the building. This proves that the overall presence of architecture is timeless and is used creatively even in modern

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