Architecture And The Magnificent Art Style That Catches Our Breathe

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Today, I am going to talk about architecture where it has combine the latest technology and the magnificent art style that catches our breathe. Architecture is not only about art, yet it is also support and create our civilisations today.
Throughout the history, humans had always been living inside buildings. However, there is a difference between building and architecture. Where animals can build: birds build nests for their homes; bees build hives for storage of food. But human developed architecture from a simple cave to an extraordinary work of art and technology. From the marvellous of the pyramids by the Egyptians,the magnificent of Parthenon by the Roman Empire to the skyscrapers in twentieth century, architecture is continually changing and develop art.
Architecture had been changing a lot, yet it has always the same meaning or purpose to be built such as food storage or defence. These main purpose or factors which made architects to create the buildings had never changed from the time where humans have started to settle.

From the Bronze Age where the earliest human civilisations started, architecture was not initially created for celebration of our wealth and power by the time of the empires. Architecture was first created in order to ensure our survival, where huts and farms were build in order to keep our food and places to live, just like other animals. However, as the time passes on, the architects have placed the farms and the houses into cities, where the…

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