Architecture And The Arts Into Roman Culture Essay

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During the rest of his reign Hadrian often traveled the empire working towards his goals of peace; overall he traveled twelve of the twenty years he ruled. He even builds a ship in order to travel faster and more efficiently. Instead of continuing to conquer like Trajan had, he pulls back from some of their lands such as Armenia and Parthia and makes it his goal to defend the lands rather than gain more. His legacy is of great importance to him and he wants to make sure Rome prospers under his rule. This is why he begins to focus on infrastructure in cities; he writes to Marcus that the construction in the cities connects him to the past and future which he loves. In addition to repairing old buildings and constructing new ones Hadrian also had statues erected all over Rome in his honor and some even in the likeness of his wife Sabina and his lover Antinous. He is able to begin to impart his love of architecture and the arts into Roman culture through this constant construction. The building of the infrastructure will ultimately influence Hadrian to continue to build and renovate Rome helping make it one of the cultural beacons of the world.
During this time period Hadrian went to visit the military forts in Germany and then traveled to Londinium where he worked to bring peace to the island. In order to finally calm the situation there he has more soldiers brought in and then proceeded to build a great wall that would help keep out the Germanic tribes. This wall, now…

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