Architectural Elements Harmonize And Organize Architecture Essay example

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Architectural elements harmonize and organize architecture. Without order confusion can set in, using architecture elements and principles there will be order and harmony. An architect uses these methods to create an emotional and balanced design.

Case studies chosen to analyze are Howard House in West Pennant, Nova Scotia designed by Brian MacKay-Lyons, second chosen was the B2 House in Ayvacik, Turkey by Han Tumertekin. Both buildings have elements and principles of architecture that will we will discussed in detail.

Starting with Howard House axis, looking to figure one, the axis is clearly defined. The axis terminates at both ends (see Figure 1), this axis encourages movement and promotes views. The building is quite linear, the interior walls along the axis reinforce the axis from start to finish.

The Howard House has bilateral symmetry, essentially the building divided and mirrored the building would then be identical (see Figure 2 for sketch showing the symmetry). Figure 3 shows the symmetry from plan, elevation to section. The Howard House has executed building symmetry exceptionally. The geometry is consistent in plan and section, Figure 3 shows there are clear legible geometric proportions and patterns.

Hierarchy by placement is clear in this home. There is a clear ranking spatially, Figure 4 shows the ranking from left to right. The first space being the garage, second the breezeway, third the main home space lastly the terrace looking to the sea. The…

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