Architectural Design Relationship And Principles Of Interor Design And Urban Space Design Case Study

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1 Introduction

. The scope of this thesis is analyzing and understanding the architectural design relationship and principles of interor design and urban square design. The scope is going to analyze the design principle relationship similaritites and differences between urban square design and interior space design.
Urban squares are the examples of urban design principle in architectural area. Urban square design is result of the urban space design.The thesis is going to focus on urban square design as a special heading.As it is known, squares in all over the world is a historical and politically significant places. We can understand that easily when we look at all the cities, which thave their own urban square designs different from each
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But for every kind of space the aim to get an achievement which creates a relationship between people and place stay valid. (Ching,2015).
Thus when we look at the spaces which people will use and live we will face with urban spaces which people spend most of their lives. So we can argue that the urban space organization laws are comparative to interior space. There are principles that both share in different ways and scopes. The organization, the logic, the way of understanding stays current because all these kind of spaces have human factor.As we know, there are eight main principles about urban design. Character, continuity and Enclosure, Public Realm quality, ease of movement, legibility, adaptability, diversity and
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The human factor and relations change, people change, the perception change. We cannot argue that the perception is stable. When people change, the design principles and approaches change. Other than that the principles of design change. The architecture should answer to the new perception of human and era. (Ching, 2015). Paternoster Square

The urban places changed, new kind of buildings occurred with new typologies such as

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