Archimedes Inventions

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Register to read the introduction… The claw was a giant claw attached to a ship, and was used to snatch onto an enemy’s ship, and was literally able to rip a ship out of water, completely decimating it. This was the most efficient and simple weapon he ever created, it was basically a claw on the end of a large metal rod, which worked as a giant lever.
The heat ray was a brilliant invention of Archimedes (About) It was a number of large mirrors positioned to shoot an incredibly hot ray of light, which was literately able to ignite ships on fire, and was normally put on docks, and occasionally on boats. This was a great assistant in the siege on Rome. Many groups have researched the possibility of these mirrors actually creating fire just by using the sun, and depending on the weather, size and shape of the mirrors, as well as the material and wood type of the ship, it was
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While discovering this, he also found out that the area around a parabola and a straight line are 4/3 multiplied by the area of a triangle, as long as the triangle has equal base and height. Although Archimedes created many amazing and revolutionary things, many of which are still used to this day, the inventions were not good in his eyes, and he never wrote anything about his findings, or any of his inventions, that is at least that we know about (Bolnick).There is a very high possible chance he created many other things, but none of which were documented, and some of his work may have been stolen by some of the people he studied with during his time in school. Little is known about all of the things Archimedes created for sure, but there are quite a few that we know were created by him. Sometime during the siege of Syracuse, while Archimedes was working on his studies, the city was being raided by Rome (Bolnick). As Archimedes was finishing up, a Roman officer ran inside with a sword. Archimedes refused to leave his studies and everything that he had every accomplished behind, and was killed. There are many stories behind how Archimedes died, but most are them are rather

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