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Archimedes was one of the greatest philosophers who lived from 287 BC to 211 BC in Syracuse. Archimedes was a physicist, astronomer, engineer and mathematician who discovered and invented machines such as the Archimedean screw, Archimedes principle, Archimedean spiral, Archimedes claw, planetarium, compound pulley system and many war machines. His greatest contributions were in geometry and his methods and ideas started the idea of calculus and finding the density of an object without damaging

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With his work on the areas of plane figures, the area of curved surfaces and the volume of curved surfaces, his methods advanced mathematics Archimedes was not content with using myriad (10,000) as the Romans highest numeral, so he decided to perform an experiment using large numbers. His problem was how many grains of sand are in the universe? He created a system to count the number of grains of sand and while solving this problem he discovered powers. The conclusion to Archimedes problem was one time ten to the sixty-two powers (1x1062).

Archimedean Spiral is the locus points corresponding to the locations over time of a point moving away from a fixed point with a constant speed along a line which rotates with constant angular velocity or r = a +b. The Archimedean spiral was used in the early creation of records which formed grooves that were evenly spaced and helped maximize the amount of music that could be fit onto the record (Archimedean spiral). The Archimedean spirals are also used in projection systems to minimize the Rainbow Effect.
With the creation of the Archimedes spiral, Archimedes screw, Archimedes principle, war machines and many more, the world today would not have been in such a great advanced stage as it is now. Archimedes great contribution to geometry helped start the idea of calculus and his machines of war helped save many lives in Syracuse. His invention of the Archimedean
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