Archaeology : History And History Essay

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Archaeology isn’t just about digging up old bones, it is the study of human activity and lifestyle through the recovery of material data. The discipline refers to the preservation of historical resources, translating the information it provides us with in order to offer us an overview of our own history, as well as including the discovery of vital historical information.

Through the advancement of technology, it is becoming increasingly elementary to discover new information about our past, the cultures that lives before us, which makes archaeology an ever-changing and fast-moving industry to become a member of.

Archaeology is very much the physical process of historical enquiry, as opposed to history and ancient history, which are often concerned with literary resources more than the physical remains of cultures and societies such as skeletons, pottery, jewellery and ruins.

What A Levels do I need?
Archaeology is offered as a Bachelors of Arts (BA) and a Bachelors of Science (BSc) degree, although in general a BSc will have more strict entry requirements than a BA. Therefore, students who wish to study a BA in archaeology will find that they will need slightly lower A-level requirements for admission. Universities will be interested in A-levels in History, Chemistry or Geography for entry, however, students are recommended to check with their university or degree course for precise entry requirements.
What are my study options?
For those who are looking to develop their…

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